Month: May 2015

May Update

April was an enormously busy month for me, which took a little bit of a toll on my art output, but as we transition into the warmer months I believe I’ll be outputting a lot more. I feel motivated and compelled to produce work, which is always a good feeling- they say that the best artists make art part of their lifestyle, and I feel like that’s becoming more of a reality for me than its ever been since graduating.

Blue Valkyrie has successfully been updating, starting with issue two, with some frequency- We’ll be launching page five of issue two this very week, our third consecutive week of weekly updates. With pages six and seven already complete, we’ll also be able to keep those updates rolling and I’ll have some time to get ahead of schedule.┬áMy writer, Emily, has also been interviewed about the project, which is very exciting, and our official Patreon has started gathering some steam.

Sidlings has a few more illustrations up, and the complete first part of the story is now available! It’s getting really great everyone, catch up if you haven’t.

My illustration/pin-up submission for Badfic Love also debuted this month, inside the play’s tie-in comic book. Or so I’m told. I haven’t seen a copy of the comic yet. I’m told that the play was great, though!

Plugging away at more projects, either in terms of planning or actual production, but I’ll have more news for that in the future. Also moving to a new apartment. So that’s a thing.