Month: April 2015

April Update

After enormous build up, The Blue Valkyrie has finally launched! The Blue Valkyrie started in conversation in summer of 2013, and a year and a half later, the complete first issue has launched online. While a Patreon link and official website are yet to come, we’ve already begun updates on the ongoing story. The updates are planned biweekly, and while we aren’t sure what the final incarnation of them will be (one page, two, more?) we’re committed to keeping that going. Check out the newly updated Blue Valkyrie tab above for some select pages and illustrations.

More Sidlings images are up as well, and while I’m not quite keeping pace with my author, I’m quite happy with my sketchy graphite output. Chapters 0 and 11 now have been put up, and 15 is on the way shortly. I’ve penned a few more reviews for The Outhousers as well, so, yeah. That’s a thing too

Happy April everyone!

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