Month: March 2015

March Update

It’s official- in March of 2015, the long awaited Blue Valkyrie will be launching digitally! It’s been a long road to get to this point, having started on the project with Emily in August of 2013. The majority of the time since then has been extensive planning, character designing, world building, and so forth, leading up until when I started on the first issue a few months ago. After months of work and a lot of corrections, I think I’ve probably produced the best looking comic I’ve ever made in my life, and I’ve learned a lot that will make issue two even better (and probably faster). Digital distribution will begin shortly through Tumblr, and we’re planning ahead to the future for rolling updates (possibly a page a week, or maybe a few pages monthly), fundraising, physical printing, an actual dedicated website, and more. Thanks to everyone who’s been hanging in there with me for the past year and a half while I spoke about the potential of a project just now coming to fruition.


In other news, further progress on Dee Emm Elms’ Sidlings project, more graphic design, more writing for The Outhousers, and other little things here and there. I’m also reorganizing my apartment, got a new drawing table, and I’m looking into a new, more professional scanner (and possibly printer?) to help improve my workflow. Progress, slow but sure.