2015: The Year Ahead

2014 was an enormously busy year for me, and it appears that 2015 will be as well.

Issue one of The Blue Valkyrie is wrapping up now and it looks really fantastic thus far; I’ve penciled and inked twenty-two pages of content, colored a handful, and we’re just doing a final round of clean-up and corrections. I’m currently producing original pencils illustrations for Dee Emm Elm’s on-going serialized novel Sidlings, as and when I can. I’m finishing up a pin-up/poster for a theater production called “Bad-Fic Love” as of this week. I continue to handle a number of bizarre requests for studio artists in need of photo manipulation, graphic design, etc. I’m publishing more or less one graphic novel review a week for The Outhousers. I’m learning French in hopes of picking up the torch on fan-translation of 90s cyberpunk/superhero comic Cybersix. Trying to make some time in between to work on some independent art projects for my own sake.

Plus, you know, I work full-time, have regular adult responsibilities, and try to socialize occasionally.

I’ve been really horrible with updating my site so long as I’ve had it, but I’m going to try my best to do at least one monthly update this year. With so many on-going projects I often feel like I have only incremental progress at any given time, but still, I’ll share what I can when I can.

Thank you, to everyone who has been to my site, and occasionally checks my site, in spite of how horribly stagnant it has been.


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